Take Root with Hector Canonge and Catherine Cabeen

09-23-2023 8:00 PM - 09-23-2023 10:00 PM

Hector Canonge: ODE TO THE WINDS reflects on the passage of time and the temporality of our human existence. ODE TO THE WINDS is an introspection of one's limitations to carry out certain physical tasks while, at the same time, it explores notions of corporeality that are not bound by rapid dynamic actions, but instead by slow somatic gestures and compositions. ODE TO THE WINDS addresses liminal connections between our bodies, time and space as it is accompanied by sounds that tap into people’s biorhythms: heartbeat, breath, involuntary movements, and blood pressure among others. In the dance, Canonge weaves ancient traditional eastern practices with experimental dance to create an allegorical homage to nature, and in particular to wind, air, the force of life.

Catherine Cabeen: Exhale is a new work by Catherine Cabeen celebrating the kinesthetic quality of emotions. A work for 3 dancers, Exhale explores how the rivers of emotional states we experience every day can get dammed by trauma, causing us to get stuck in habituated patterns that limit our engagement with life. Exhale then combines choreography, improvisation, and original text in an effort to support the body and mind to break down those dams and return to the flow of life.

Venue Name
Green Space
Venue Address
37-24 24th St Suites 211 + 212, Long Island City, NY 11101