Member Committees

Please contact Shahriar Hossain, Manager of Committee Development for information regarding the working group for these committees


Marketing & Communications Committee: 

The Marketing & Communication Committee serves as a liaison between Queens business owners and the media, providing a platform to communicate news and developments in the borough and metropolitan area. In addition to traditional publicity and outreach efforts, the committee places a strong emphasis on modern marketing strategies, including digital marketing, to enhance the visibility and reputation of local businesses. With a focus on both communication and marketing, the committee works to ensure that the public is informed and engaged, and that Queens businesses are effectively promoting themselves to a wider audience.


Technology Committee:

The Technology Committee of Queens recognizes the vital link between business and technology, and is dedicated to promoting cyber security and optimizing business processes by informing all businesses of the latest technology. By bridging the gap between technology and entrepreneurship, we aim to positively impact the borough of Queens and enhance its economic growth.


Food, Beverage, and Hospitality Committee:

Our Food, Beverage, and Hospitality Committee is dedicated to promoting and supporting the flourishing industry of restaurants, bars, cafes, and hotels in Queens. We recognize the essential role these businesses play in our local economy, culture, and community. Our committee brings together industry leaders and enthusiasts to share insights, address challenges, and explore new opportunities for growth and innovation. Join us in celebrating the diversity and excellence of Queens' culinary and hospitality scene.


Healthcare and Wellness Committee:

Our Healthcare and Wellness Committee is committed to promoting the well-being of Queens County residents and businesses. We aim to inform and educate our community about healthcare policies that impact Queens, as well as to increase awareness of various healthcare and wellness practices. Our committee serves as a platform for open discussions and collaborations with healthcare professionals and experts, as well as community leaders and advocates. Together, we strive to promote access to quality healthcare and to encourage healthy living practices for a thriving community. Join us in our mission to make healthcare and wellness a priority in Queens.


Arts & Entertainment Committee: 

Our Arts and Entertainment Committee is dedicated to celebrating and promoting the diverse creative expressions in Queens County. From art, dance, and music to film, literature, and media, we strive to raise awareness of the richness and vitality of our community's artistic and cultural landscape. Our committee serves as a forum for collaboration, inspiration, and innovation among artists, performers, and enthusiasts alike. We believe in the power of shared experiences to foster unity and connection among Queens County residents. Join us in our mission to celebrate and amplify the creative voices of Queens.


Banking, Finance, & Law Committee:

Our Banking, Finance, and Law Committee is committed to equipping our Chamber members with valuable insights and resources relevant to the banking, financial, and legal sectors. We understand that knowledge and awareness are crucial for success in these industries, and our committee strives to enhance opportunities for learning and development. By assembling professionals and experts in banking, finance, and law, we foster a network for collaboration, partnership, and support. Through this platform, our committee also aims to highlight the people, products, and services of our members in Queens County, amplifying their influence and exposure. Join us in our mission to empower and elevate the banking, finance, and legal communities in Queens.


Entrepreneurship & Innovation Committee:

Our Entrepreneurship and Innovation Committee is committed to promoting and supporting the growth of startups and entrepreneurs in Queens. We believe that entrepreneurship and innovation are key drivers of a thriving and dynamic economy, and our committee aims to raise awareness of the emerging brands and businesses that are shaping the future. We serve as a resource and platform for entrepreneurs to launch and grow their vision, by fostering the growth of multiple innovation hubs throughout Queens County. Our committee brings together a diverse group of professionals, mentors, and investors to provide support, guidance, and networking opportunities for startups and emerging businesses. Join us in our mission to make Queens a hub for entrepreneurship and innovation, and to create a new economy for the future.


Manufacturing Committee:

Our Manufacturing Committee is dedicated to supporting and advocating for the local manufacturing industry in Queens County. As a central source of information, we monitor and respond to initiatives that affect the economic development of local manufacturers. Our committee serves as a platform for manufacturers to share insights, best practices, and challenges, and to connect with resources and services that can help them grow and succeed. We also work to raise awareness of the value and importance of the manufacturing industry, and to advocate for policies and initiatives that are "business friendly" to the manufacturing community at the local, state, and national levels. Join us in our mission to make Queens a hub for innovation, production, and manufacturing excellence.


Real Estate Committee:

Our Real Estate Committee is dedicated to providing valuable insights and resources to Queens County residents, business owners, and investors on matters related to the real estate industry. We believe that education and awareness are key to success in this field, and our committee aims to increase opportunities for learning and growth. By bringing together professionals and experts in real estate, we offer a platform for networking, collaboration, and mutual support. Our committee is also committed to identifying and addressing challenges and opportunities facing Queens and the metropolitan area. Join us in our mission to promote and elevate the real estate industry in Queens, and to foster growth, development, and prosperity in our community.


Family-Owned Business Committee:

The Family-Owned Businesses Committee aims to assist and empower Queens County family enterprises and their members in establishing enduring, thriving businesses and nurturing healthy family connections. Through a range of resources and services, we strive to foster long-term success.


Transportation Committee:

The Transportation Committee is dedicated to keeping Queens County residents and businesses informed on pertinent transportation issues, changes, and upcoming proposals affecting all modes of travel to and from Queens and the Greater New York Area. Our mission is to educate and engage the community on these matters.


Not-for-Profit Committee:

The Not-For-Profit Committee of the Queens Chamber of Commerce is dedicated to furthering the missions of various not-for-profit organizations operating within the Queens community. Through our efforts, the committee endeavors to raise public awareness of critical social issues and the important role played by these organizations in addressing them. Additionally, this committee strives to address the challenges faced by not-for-profit organizations in fulfilling their missions, and to provide support and resources to help these organizations overcome such obstacles. In doing so, the committee remains steadfastly committed to promoting the well-being and advancement of the Queens county.


Energy & Environmental:

The Energy & Environmental Committee exist to educate Queens County residents and business owners about energy supply challenges and opportunities facing Queens and the metropolitan area, while promoting sensible solutions to meet demand with local resources to accelerate regional economic growth.