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Member affinity benefits are only accessible for members. is the world's largest business-to-business ecommerce marketplace.

We provide the tools & services to help you expand into new markets and connect

with business buyers all around the world.

Become an seller and reach new buyers from around
the world or in your own backyard.



Our partners at have launched a series of Online Trade Shows to help B2B SMBs drive demand during these challenging times. If you are a wholesaler, manufacturer or distributor selling goods to other businesses, you will not want to miss this. Sign up here.


Need to disinfect your facilities, but hate the idea of spraying chemicals on everything?

We will fully disinfect your facilities—including viruses--using only Ultraviolet Light.

We use no toxins or chemicals.  We spray no liquids.  We leave no residue or odor.

If this sounds appealing, click here for a Queens CoC member discount:

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Give everyone peace of mind that your premises are free from Germs AND Germicides!

Priced in line with commercial spraying services.

So there is no downside to using our healthier process.



Keep your business germ & virus-free 

with Denco’s Empowered Solutions. 

The ​CDC recommends disinfecting and sanitizing both air and surfaces in your facility to destroy Coronavirus.

Empowered Air kills all pathogens, including Coronavirus either through your HVAC or with stand-alone units

- Uses revolutionary NASA developed Photo Catalytic Oxidation Technology

- Tested true by third party laboratories

- Safe - does not introduce dangerous ozone into your facility

Empowered Water is 50 times more powerful that Cholerine bleach against Corona virus yet safe as water

- Electrostatically fogged on surfaces for total coverage and

- Wiped on to effectively clean and disinfect entire facility

- EPA endorsed against Coronavirus

- Made by you on site using our technology, saves $$$

​Financing available if qualified

We've partnered with Lincoln Financiala nationally recognized leader in retirement planning services to develop this unique program that leverages the strengths of group participation to provide a cost-effective and easy way for you to implement a turnkey 401(K) employee program. Our Multiple Employer Aggregation Program is a retirement plan solution that lets you offer your employees a competitive 401(K) benefit that can help reduce your fiduciary and administrative responsibilities in the process.

You’re In Charge®

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FAST, EASY, and AFFORDABLE Harassment Prevention online training.  Our courses meet all NEW YORK CITY AND STATE requirements and include a certificate of completion.

As a QCC Member, you receive a 33% discount by using code QUEENSCCMEM1

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Optimizing technology with customer retention is an essential step to manage your business. 

Managing Payments properly will secure this reality faster than anything else.

 PaySwipe, Inc services thousands of NY Metro businesses since 2004:

  • Traditional Merchant Services,
  • POS Systems with Touchless Payments
  • eCommerce/Phone Apps
  • Pickup (Curbside included) or Deliver for a fee
  • PCI Protection
  • Use of Social

ALL Queens Chamber members receive 

  • Clear and concise pricing terms
  • Month to month option with no cancelation fees
  • Unlimited resources to answer your questions

Schedule your 15 minute Qualification Appointment:

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Contact: Joe Morrone |

Todd Costello |

VIP Discount Program

  • Contact Joe and Todd for details

What we offer:

Sesame Eat! AI VIRTUAL WAITER + ONLINE MENU + ONLINE PAYMENT + E-MARKETING service for restaurants, cafes, and bodegas. Built for contactless, and efficient operations. Special 6-month complimentary service for members of the Queens Chamber of Commerce.


Amy Leu, US Lead Business Development,

Willie Lee, Project Manager,



Shiftyy Health is a division within Shiftyy Technologies Inc., an IoT solutions provider.  Shiftyy Health provides innovative IoT solutions for temperature monitoring devices for all industries.  

Manual temperature monitoring is inefficient, could lead to HIPAA violations, lawsuits, and most businesses do not have the space to adhere to proper line management when conducting manual temperature readings.   Shiftyy Health has created innovative temperature monitoring devices to assist businesses with temperature monitoring that meet HIPAA requirements, are efficient, and reduce the time and costs in conducting manual temperature monitoring. 

Temperature Kiosk

What if you could SAVE up to 10% on your electric bill quickly and easily without any upfront costs?  And what if the money you are saving was also supporting the environment and the local community at the same time?

Sound too good to be true? Well, think again.

SOL SUPPLIERS powered by Ampion is providing clean energy to residences, businesses, and other organizations just like yours, while delivering monthly savings directly on their electric bills…

10 minutes could save you up to 10% on your electric bill!