Somatic Healing Group

09-27-2023 7:00 PM - 09-27-2023 9:00 PM

Are you looking to find insight awareness & courage to break and move past old patterns that no longer serve you? In this facilitated group, we find ways of supporting the unique needs of each member, while also learning to more effectively relate to others. We learn to be seen for who we really are – and to others as they really are.  We find healing where before we may have felt pain or disconnection from the self. We find insight, awareness and courage to break and move past old patterns that no longer serve us.  

The sessions utilize Core Energetics, an approach that engages group members through body, dialogue and awareness. Group sessions include shared movement and expressive work and opportunities for members to process individual issues and struggles they want support in working through. This group provides a safe and therapeutic environment, where you can express your feelings, take risks, connect to others and further your emotional growth process.

This group will help with: PTSD, Various Forms of Abuse, Relationships, Anger, Body Image, Guilt/Shame, Anxiety, Panic, or Depression, Self Esteem, Injury, Addictions, Personal Growth, Life/Professional Transitions

Group Capacity: 10-12 participants

Venue Name
Green Space
Venue Address
37-24 24th St Suites 211 + 212, Long Island City, NY 11101